Are You Sharing Your Home With Unwanted Guests?

Offering rodent and insect control services in Denton, TX

Keep rodents, racoons and other pests away from your home by calling Dave’s Pest Management in Denton, Texas. Using our insect control methods, we’ll keep the bugs outside your house from getting inside your house. If rats, squirrels, or other four legged critters have made your house their home we will trap them, take them away, and seal them out so they can’t get back in.

Arrange for quarterly or bi-monthly insect control by calling 972-679-1077 now.

Get effective bed bug removal services

Get effective bed bug removal services

Dave’s Pest Management’s general insect control services cover ants, roaches, spiders, wasps, pill bugs, and earwigs. Specialized treatments with us include termites, german cockroaches, and even fleas. But many homeowners suffer from small, red pests known as bed bugs. Our bed bug removal services include:

  • An initial inspection
  • Bed bug extermination
  • Prevention services

Take your home back from these invasive insects. If you live in the Denton, TX area, call now to schedule a bed bug removal appointment.